Replace iPad cover

When do you need to replace the new iPad cover?

Users who don’t use it carefully often cause scratches, dents caused by falling aesthetics, or simply users who want to change their iPad’s clothes.

Therefore 3S Mobile Service provides iPad replacement service so customers can have new iPads without spending much money to buy another tablet. It is possible to change from the cover to the 2-color flash cluster and the home key, which looks superficially indistinguishable.

Why should I choose the iPad replacement service at 3S Mobile Service?

In addition, when replacing the iPad shell, users cannot control the replacement process in some repair shops. The exchange of poor quality components is unavoidable. Therefore, you should go to reputable phone repair centers and ensure quality components.

Service to replace iPad cover immediately, cheap, prestigious and professional is now available at 3S Mobile Service repair system in HCM.

Here you will get the best advice and the best price for the service to replace the iPad 1 cover, replace the iPad 3 cover, replace the iPad 4 cover, replace the iPad mini 3 cover, replace the iPad mini 4, …

– Customers can observe the process of changing the iPad cover, to give customers peace of mind

– Best parts commitment

– Long-term warranty with high after-sales mode

– Service quickly, directly observed during the entire repair process